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Our Turbos and some of their advantages

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Experience, what we know the first Turbo in the world, Superjasten, was our product. We have been here from the beginning.

Quality policy, we want to sell the best. When competitors made better Turbos (for 3.5 years) we sold their Turbos in stead.

Internal and external know how. We have been in this business since 1974. Many of the inventions for home brewing and home distillation are originated from us. Example: Turbos, activated carbon filtration in a tube, again improved in March 2000, flavoring with Fatspan (oak chips with flavor), will be improved in some months, Rebeerer and much more. We know, trade and speak with worlds leading experts on yeast, fermentation, nutrients and Turbo yeast. Here are some details about our Turbos:

Pure sterile cultured special yeast strain
The strain of yeast used is cultured specially for distillation application – and not a bakers yeast. Furthermore, the strain is grown under sterile conditions to ensure absence of bacteria, which could otherwise influence quality of alcohol, produced and the % yield from sugar. Pure, bacteria free yeast also keeps down the volatile production.

The fermented mash from both our 6-kg and 8-kg Turbos is as pure as it can be used as a base for an alcoholic drink of strengths of 14.5 and 18% alcohol receptively.
Much other yeast is a by-product (deposit) from molasses fermentation – and therefore not bacteria free. The yeast strain is natural and not genetically manipulated.

Osmotolerante yeast strains (high sugar tolerance)
Much other yeast do not tolerate all sugar at the same time, they need to be “sugar feeded”. Both 6 kg and 8 kg, which tolerate start sugar concentrations of 1160 for 8 kg and 1150 for 6 kg.

Obviously, if such high start gravities were produced from 100% fermentable sugar, then such fermentation’s would not ferment down to dryness because the ethanol ceiling will be reached before all the fermentable sugar has been used.

However, where say Molasses is used as the substrate, such information is relevant because most molasses contains only approx. 50% fermentable sugars. It also means that there is no need to sugar feed the yeast, as with many other yeast strains.

Sucrose tolerant yeast strains
There is other Turbos that ferment purer and better with mono su

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